Sloane Rosenthal Knits



Texture & Motif.

Straightforward, classic techniques with modern results.


After spending the first year+ of my knitting life declaring myself “not a cable person,” I…made a cabled sweater, fell head over heels in love with flipping the order of my stitches, and never looked back. My favorite projects — and a centerpiece of my design work — are cabled sweaters and hats that use simple-to-work combinations of cables in rhythmic, intuitive arrangements to create modern, graphic textures. Somewhere in the range of 90% of these cables are, at their core, 2x2 right and left crosses, meaning these are highly approachable, knittable projects that are doable for beginner and advanced cable knitters alike. Vertical motifs and discrete patterns abound as well, with careful placement ensuring that the fabric remains wearable and the finished silhouette flattering to the wearer.